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Official Partner of JSKJ

At W!SH, we are excited to be the official partner of the award-winning Singaporean singer-songwriter and multidisciplinary artist, Jones Shi Kang Jun (JSKJ) as we will be representing JSKJ for some of his exclusive art and fashion releases. JSKJ’s most notable creation: BRAT兔崽子, is a series of rabbit-themed characters which were first showcased in his multidisciplinary solo exhibition at The Arts House in 2011 and the brand ‘BRAT’ has also been launched as a large collection of hand-drawn BRAT NFTs on Solsea.

Check out BRATCLUB to find out more!

Recently we have successfully launched BRAT digital art, printed in museum archival grade; as well as BRAT prototype t-shirts which were a Mega-hit!

Keep a lookout for our highly sought-after future releases!

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BRAT Prototype Tee

On 8th October 2022, JSKJ made an official announcement on his move into the fashionverse during the W!SH for BRAT Charity Art Event organised by Avenue + Co where he released a rare batch of limited edition BRAT Prototype Tees. The entire batch of tees which consists of specially-embellished pieces by JSKJ himself and were fully sold out within the day of launch!

To be informed of future releases, follow BRAT 兔崽子 by JSKJ 石康鈞 on Facebook and Instagram !

BRAT Art by JSKJ 石康鈞

The terms BRAT and 兔崽子 usually refer to those who are self-centered and obnoxious. However, JSKJ wants to change this stereotype and re-imagine it as a persona that is bold, creative and expresses its own striking ideas and attitude.

JSKJ who used to have three rabbits which are muses of his art, often imagine them in different situations to explore concepts like self, dreamscapes and his observations and interpretation of life. He first started painting rabbits when he was in Taiwan on a music tour in 2010 where he felt homesick, and he channelled these emotions into creative inspiration for his art. 

In his most recent art release, JSKJ paid homage to the iconic Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, by reimagining them in the likes of BRAT and digitally illustrated his impressions of the two timeless beauties embodied through time and space. Professionally printed and framed in museum archival quality, each artwork are produced in limited copies of five.

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