What are W!SH Tokens

W!SH Tokens is a point system where every SGD100 spent on our website, you will earn 10 W!SH Tokens upon a successful checkout. These W!SH Tokens can be redeemed at our participating partner merchants.

What to do after receiving W!SH Tokens

1. Contact the preferred aesthetic clinic partners to arrange for redemption of W!SH Tokens

2. Our participating partner clinics will arrange their respective doctors to provide FREE CONSULTATION on the appropriate aesthetic treatments available and suitable for you based on the doctor’s recommendations.

3. Dollars used will then be converted to W!SH Tokens to make the redemption.

4. W!SH Tokens will then be deducted from Your Account based on the respective aesthetic treatments recommended and selected.

5. Remaining W!SH Tokens and unused W!SH Tokens earned will remain in your account for 2 years.

6. W!SH Tokens are not transferable.

7. Dr. W ! S H reserves the right to change the terms and conditions and cancel any rewards initiative without notice.




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