Account Registration for Dr. Wish

Dr. W!SH is the ultimate destination in Singapore for your skincare needs, carrying a suite of specialised skincare products that is always expanding. We have not-easy-to-buy brands like Calecim, Skinceuticals, Regenera Activa and nikSkin in our product suite. In fact, we have named ourselves drwish.com for one simple reason: We offer skin care products that even doctors wish for.

Now, the kinds of products that doctors wish for are not typically available over the counter. drwish.com is thus a bridge for customers to directly buy skincare products that are only available in aesthetics clinics. At drwish.com, we strive to change the way that people think about and address skincare, lending an unprecedented level of knowledge, expertise and sophistication to this quest. We have a passion for holistic approaches to solving many skin issues.

One of our primary targets is to build a loyal customer base that enjoys a superior shopping experience when they are on our drwish.com website. For instance, our customers can learn more about their skincare needs via the blog on the site called Doctor’s Picks. The blog will leverage on the expertise of aesthetics practitioners affiliated to drwish.com on skin health, other wellness products and services. We highlight key ingredients that support skin health, anti-aging and other areas that concern our customers in relation to their overall well-being.