BRATCLUB 兔崽子 - NFT by JSKJ 石康鈞 - Dr. W!SH

BRATCLUB 兔崽子 - NFT by JSKJ 石康鈞



Led by JSKJ (Jones 石康鈞), an award-winning Singaporean singer-songwriter and multidisciplinary designer, BRAT 兔崽子 made its debut in his first solo multidisciplinary art exhibition at The Arts House in 2011. It is a unique collection of rabbit-themed-NFTs. It is a project that goes beyond challenging the current status of physical art. According to Jones, he looks to upstage the current plethora of projects that mint thousands of NFTs with few differences. Unlike other projects, each piece of the collection is painstakingly created by hand. He is committed to bring a renewed look at the word “rarity”, believing that “Quality Trumps Quantity”.
BRAT is a daring challenge of the current norms. BRAT – a term commonly being used to describe an annoying & disruptive character. But with this project, Jones hope to change this stereotype and re-imagine it as a persona that is bold, creative and expresses its own striking ideas and attitude. 
All BRAT 兔崽子 NFT collections are currently listed on solsea only.


BRAT 兔崽子 NFT collections


BRAT SOLO is a massive collection of exotic bunnies living in the Cryptosphere. Each of them is 1/1, non AI-generated, unique and full of character 😎 Explore the growing BRAT population with us as we advance into the Metaverse 🚀🪐 Get your BRAT NFT to enjoy real world utilities!






BRAT‘S MOVIENITE is a premium mini-series digitally hand-drawn by JSKJ (Jones Shi Kang Jun 石康鈞). Limited to 8 unique pieces, they are inspired by reminiscence of iconic movies since his childhood. The Artist expressed his memories through BRAT, the bunny who morphed into different characters in various realms.






BRAT SPECIALS is a NFT collection of epic creations which will be featured in very limited quantities and small batches from time to time. All BRATS are digitally hand-drawn by JSKJ (Jones Shi Kang Jun 石康鈞).






COLLABRAT is an exclusive collection featuring limited edition collaborative NFT art between brands and BRAT兔崽子. All BRATS are digitally hand-drawn by JSKJ (Jones Shi Kang Jun 石康鈞), Singaporean Singer-songwriter and designer.






BRAT’S GAMETIME series is a premium mini-series digitally illustrated by JSKJ (Jones Shi Kang Jun). Limited to 6 unique pieces, this series is inspired by reminiscence of some iconic electronic games played, the Artist expressed his ideas through BRAT, the bunny who took the form of different characters.