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Keeko One Good Brush



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  • Winner of the Eco Excellence Awards Best Oral Care Product of 2020, this biodegradable handle is made from eco-friendly non-GMO corn starch! The luxuriously soft bristles are safe for sensitive gums and draw on the detoxifying power of charcoal to really clean things up without hurting the environment.
    Soft Bristles.
  • * Soft Bristles.
    * 100% biodegradable handle made from non gmo corn starch
    *Sustainably made in China
  • *Removes plaque and bacteria that can cause cavities and gum disease
    *Safe for sensitive gums *Safe for people with gum issues like receeding gums
    *Helps to whiten teeth
  • Once you’re done with it you can compost the handle! Crack the head off and throw in the bin, and compost away the rest. Don’t own a composting thingy-ma-jig?

    The handle is made from biodegradable corn starch so you can throw it out with your food scraps in the trash. As for the brush head, pop it in the recycling bin.
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