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nikSkin Phyto-sunplus Capsule



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Type: Supplements

  • Phyto-sunplus® Capsule is a daily supplement based on natural ingredients with no preservatives. Quality is assured with the use of premium imported plant-based ingredients from Europe and Israel.
  • Europe Wheat Extract
    Isreal White Tomato Extract
    Spain Grapefruit & Rosemary Extract
  • The Ingredients in Phyto-sunplus® Capsule have shown efficacy in clinical studies to combat various environmental stressors. Proprietary combination targets key skin concerns faced by humans- Dry skin, Pigmentation and need for sun protection.
  • To be taken anytime of the day. It is recommended to take daily at a regular time (i.e. if a pill is taken in the morning on the 1st day, to continue doing so the following days). We would advise consuming the sachet before heading out into the sun.
  • 30 Capsules